How to store a watch that is not worn?

A bowl watch that is rarely worn can be wrapped in a soft cloth and placed in a clean, moisture-proof environment that avoids direct sunlight. In addition, don’t put the watch together with all kinds of sundries, or just put it in a small space if you see it, because this may cause oxidation of the exterior parts, and your watch will be damaged by then. Risk of fading! At the same time, the place where the watch is also particular, and it should be avoided to be seated next to household appliances to prevent the watch from being magnetized.

Will the strap or bracelet fit my wrist?

Strap and bracelet sizes can vary; however, most watches we post are sized for the average wrist size. The average wrist size for men is 7.25″ and 6.25″ for women. We try to include any additional links the seller has provided. If you are unsure if a watch will fit your wrist, please get in touch with your Client Advisor for sizing information.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order? Can I shop without an account?

You may place an order as a guest without an account. However, we recommend creating an account for personalized preferences to save the creations you desire and for ease of access for future purchases.

How can I make changes to my account details?

To make changes to your account, first log in to your account. There you will have the option to modify your account details. Once you have updated your data, please ensure that you save your changes.

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